Friday, December 04, 2015

Dog Tale

My day today wasn't much better. It started out good by walking all 3 dogs at once successfully, but then when I went out for my solo walk, across the neighborhood from us, I saw two little lap dogs running loose. I rang doorbell of house I *thought* might have seen them in yard of before on prior walks but nobody home. A bit further on I was able to get them to come up to me and I checked their collars but no tags. Walking totally hunched over with collars in hand would have been really difficult so I tried picking them up but they squirmed and jumped and kept running ahead in & out of yards as I walked. Last I saw they were running down road in front of our house :(  So I felt bad I couldn't keep hold of them when I stopped them, but not sure I'd have been able to anyway since I was probably 10 min from home. I called local animal society and left message and also posted to their lost & found page but still felt I like I didn't do enough or failed in some way. That is the kind of feeling that is hard to shake for rest of the day.

****First off, quick update about those lost dogs from last post... I saw them back in their yard the following Tuesday morning!  Yay!  I'd driven past on the weekend and not seen them, and they weren't out there barking during Monday morning's walk, but this morning there they were, running back and forth and yapping.  I almost started crying.********

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  1. You did the best you could under the circumstances; that's all any of us can do.