Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Test post, plus hat

I've gotten some heat lately (OK maybe only luke warm) about my blog sitting too long without update, so how about I really blow your minds with a new template/layout change? Shake the dust off.
I've been meaning to start uploading photos or do some daily thing again so might as well start now, December 1st.  Will probably have no theme or anything, maybe just a post or share of some kind a day.
Woot woot. This is a bit of a test post to start off with, but the picture is from a hat I started on Sunday, ignored yesterday, and finished this morning. Another skull cap for Cyrus as an alternative to the white/yellow/green (flag football team colors) hat I'd made for him previously. A bit behind on making it, he only has one game left, but oh well.  Have the mannequin head wearing it for now to stretch it out a bit.

Oops I tried to used one of blogger's photo mosaic dynamic views templates and I guess all the photos I've got loaded fried its brain.  It would preview fine for me but then when I went to load the actual blog there were just gears turning forever.  :(  So this is just stripped down classic template which is fine for now I guess.  

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  1. Yeah! I've been waiting patiently. I guess I should have said something.