Monday, February 29, 2016


When Stew wants to get stuff done, he gets it done.  Sometimes it can be a little intense to start off with but in the end I am always appreciative of his motivation, determination, encouragement and help. 

 Yesterday we were able to spend about 7 hours decluttering the unfinished upstairs in our house, which is basically a whole second floor so always accumulates a lot of cast-offs, kind of like a basement or attic would. We were able to fill his dad's trailer (below) with several bags of trash and loads of recyclable paper stuff like broken down boxes, old school work and other various paper clutter.  

For donations, we have 5 boxes of books ready to go, plus we went though the toys/games and ended up with 6 boxes, 1 big bag and some odds-n-ends.  Yay!

There is still a lot more to go through but this was a great start.  Now I need to go back to manufacturing butterflies...

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  1. Awesome job!!! It is no fun to declutter but it feels so good when you are able to get rid of stuff.