Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring brings new things

Happy Spring y'all!  It was actually a little chilly here this past weekend and today, but it looks like it should slowly warm up again this week.  We had a busy weekend with Cub Scout camp, soccer match (Milo scored 2 goals!), charitable event (where my butterflies were worn by dancers), Cyrus crossed over to Boy Scouts (yay!), and then unpacking/relaxing yesterday, sort of.

Since it is a new season, I thought I'd introduce a new nest of mine online...

I don't have a personal Facebook account anymore, but after having enough people ask me about where they could check out my crochet work, and not really wanting to use this blog for a lot of promotional bullshit, I decided to create a Facebook "business" page where I could upload photos of my finished projects as a way to reach a bigger, less personal audience when/if I decide to gear up to accept custom order requests/projects online.  I called it Madam0wl's Stitchcraft and used the little owl collage from earlier this month as the avatar, converting my etsy and spoonflower to the same look and name.

So I invite those out there reading, who also utilize Facebook, to click through to my Madam0wl's Stitchcraft page and Like it so that way you can see and comment on my creative textile/fiber ventures photos/posts in the Facebook realm.  However if you are anti-Facebook, I will continue to post similar "hey, look what I made" pictures here too.

Another reason for the page is that it was almost required in order to apply for spot in a local Handmade/Vintage Market and Food Truck Rodeo this May.  So another goal I am working toward this spring is creating enough inventory to have a small booth there where I can sell off more of my vintage clothing collection AND have an array of crochet goodies ready made or on display for custom orders.  Exciting!

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