Thursday, May 05, 2016

Busy Crunch Time Bleh Yay Ha!

Well I found a draft post saved from April 12th... see I had meant to post I just never got back to it. 

For some crazy reason back in late February I decided to apply for a booth at a "vintage / handmade market," to happen way ahead in May.  I remember hemming and hawing about whether to do it or not, not wanting to be "stressed" about crocheting since it is my stress release thing to do, ya know?  I bounced idea off Stew and he was like "sure do it as a challenge to yourself... if you crochet one thing a day until then you'll have about 60 things to sell!" I liked the idea of having a goal and challenging myself.  But do you think I actually did what he so wisely suggested I do?  Noooo...

I thought I was doing good by churning out a small batch of butterflies early on, but then riding on that "yay me" wave I slowed down, testing out new things here and there and making one or two of stuff I liked, but never getting really serious.  Until you know, these last two weeks before the market!   It will be OK.  I mean hey, there is still a week left!  That is plenty of time!  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 

Really, I'm not going to freak out and I am trying not to stress about it. I'll just take what I have and will hope to break even on the booth rent (go low expectations!).  Plus I have some vintage clothes I plan to take, and my vintage Sassy magazines, and a few other things upstairs in my hoard will qualify, so I will have both vintage & handmade.  No where near enough to fill a 10' x 10' stall but that is OK.  I had thought maybe I could offer on-site crochet lessons too but that might be too much going on, still considering that.  Right now I am working out the kinks of a few new-to-me thread crochet jewelry/accessory items... which is fun because I like experimenting and modifying patterns and seeing how stuff turns out when I try my own ideas out, and have been having lots and lots of ideas... why can't I have felt this way a month ago?  Just one of my little procrastinator through-n-through quirks I guess.  I don't get the mojo flow until crunch time.  And then I do things like going out and mowing the weedy lawn between rain spells, or sit down to update my blog...

So if no further posts until like, May 15th, you'll understand right?  

Barefoot Sandals / anklets...

Vintage Snood Pattern (gave it to a friend, may try to make another one for the market)

Experimentations with smaller butterflies and finally... OWLS.  They look like owls right? Maybe for earrings or pendants.  I like the three smaller ones best I think. 


  1. can make a video tutorial is not you , I also very much like knitting