Wednesday, July 20, 2016

40 Grateful Days / Day 1

Realized I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, and also since I am feeling the bite of dog days of summer... I thought I'd start up another "happy days" thing, but a shortened version, and more about gratitude/enthusiasm/contentment.

And there are exactly 40 days left until school starts, so...

Day 1/40
Happy to find a clearanced ($3!) Bob Ross t-shirt while getting some groceries this morning. Promptly gave it a trim once home and put it on for chill inspiration.  Never thought I would say it, but grateful we joined YMCA this summer. Taking kids there to swim (and swimming myself, across the pool from their antics) is way better than having to upkeep & lifeguard the easy set back yard pool we retired last fall. Plus I can try classes out, like yesterday morning's Tai Chi.

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