Sunday, July 03, 2016

Milo & Mom Week

Stew, Wiley & Cyrus were at Boy Scout Camp last week...
Which meant it was just Milo & Me!
We invited a friend over one night and took him to the YMCA. Then they stayed up late playing a computer game.
Another night we we went to a paint studio with friends and each got to chose one to reproduce. I like how Milo went rogue on his (see top two pics below... peaceful crab vs angry spider crab). I picked cuddling owls to give to Stew as a belated 18th Anniversary gift.
There were a few "I'm bored!" moments but otherwise it was a good week. Milo is much more pleasant to be around when he isn't putting on a bratty show for his big brothers. He is 9 and will be in 4th grade... and must be having a growth spurt because he was constantly hungry!  He can be sweet, morbid and goofball all within 5 minutes. Like his teacher wrote on a report card... "never a dull moment with him around." Love you Milo!

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