Thursday, October 13, 2016

Retreating to Nest

Time again to retreat from online presences including this blog and facebook and wherever else I have or haven't been... maybe it was the recent weather & power outage we had making everything online seem frivolous and/or overwhelming or TMI, maybe it is because I seem to have constant PMS lately and every time I mindlessly scroll through stuff to avoid doing something, I then look up 30 - 60 minutes later feeling even worse than before, maybe it is just change of season... but this owl is going to try to unplug from phone and computer as much as is possible these days and enjoy the cooler weather and quietly do some nesting, molting and preening.  

***10/21/16 - I will update my Crochet page & StitchCraft FB with finished projects from time to time, like I did today.  Because finishing stuff always makes me want to share.  As I am learning in my meditation/mindfulness studies, ego is all about "look! look! look what I did!" and that is OK as long as you are aware of it and don't let it get too out of hand or too attached/identified with it.***