Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Colorful Booty

This past weekend I got the urge to crochet again after a month or so loss of interest.  But I still have the patchworky color mix sense that I had when I was last doing granny squares, so I made a trippy hippy / crazy grandma hat that I ended up added a little brim to.  After one or two tries at the brim, I thought it turned out cute this way... but it hasn't quite got so cool in the mornings that I need a knit hat yet so I guess it will have to wait for a bit to go public IRL.  Next I think I will make a similar more toned down color-wise version with the brim starting a bit higher up and belled out a little longer, like a 1920's cloche hat.  

Also along the same crazy color lines, I wore this thrifted maxi dress yesterday after altering the straps to be halter since it was fitting weird and was a simple adjustment.  The faux patchwork and pattern/color mix made me happy and maybe sometime this winter I will have to wear that hat with this dress with a long layer of black in between to break up the insanity a little bit.  

Another fun thing I did this week so far was to change up my running schedule so that I can get in 3 runs a week, possibly with the intention of training for a marathon, or at least another half. Yay.  It also frees up my Thursday morning so I can take a Booty Barre class (a mix of pilates, dance & yoga), which I tried for the first time last week and it totally kicked my ass.  I mean I have been running twice a week and doing yoga and walking dogs, etc., but I haven't really been doing any straight-up cardio since I don't know, forever.   I was dripping in sweat but laughing about it and felt a rush afterwards until I was in pain for 3 days straight.  I was the only one that showed up so hopefully the instructor (same Scout mom friend that I took a Belly Dance class from) will keep it up even if it is just for me a few more weeks at least, so that I can get a feel for it and can maybe do it on my own with a video at home or something.    

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