Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Santa Hat

First off, quick update about those lost dogs from last post... I saw them back in their yard this morning!  Yay!  I'd driven past on the weekend and not seen them, and they weren't out there barking during yesterday morning's walk, but this morning there they were, running back and forth and yapping.  I almost started crying. 

This weekend I worked on a Santa Hat w/ Beard as requested by Wiley.  I used this free pattern by Red Heart yarn which was both annoying and interesting.  First of all I should really learn to always use a bigger hook than suggested because my stuff almost always ends up tighter/smaller than it is supposed to.  Luckily this one stretched enough to fit and wasn't too uncomfortable for him.  There were several techniques I hadn't used before but just carried on with it and and it worked so I learned a few new things, which is fun.  

I started it Friday evening around 4 pm, kept it up pretty steady, breaking for dinner prep, and continued while Stew and I watched Iowa Hawkeyes play for the Big 10 Championship (they lost, which is OK since I don't really like them due to in-state rivalry, but I was sort of rooting for them secretly since hey, Iowa), which ended at like 11:30 pm.  By then I was done with the red part.  The next morning I finished the white parts by about 12:30.  So it took approx. 8-9 hours to make this.  

Wiley doesn't look all that excited in this picture, but he likes it and wore it on the float at the Christmas Parade (as pictured).  He may wear it tonight at his Christmas band concert too, since he said they are allowed to wear Christmas-y hats.  But he'll have to tuck the beard up under, or wear it backwards, since the mustache would get in the way of his trombone mouthpiece.  I will take pictures if he wears it.  

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