Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I am about to enjoy a few hours home alone for the first time since last Thursday, hurray!  Friday's school was canceled prematurely due to "snow" which ended up being flurries at about noon.  Then yesterday (formerly off for President's Day but then changed to a make-up day) got canceled due to freezing rain.  It was cold all weekend so it was weird to wake up to a warm (50s!) windy downpour... but nice to get the kids off to school again.  Looking forward to warmer weather again... right about now is when I am OVER craving cold winter days and start looking forward to and being grateful for the South's early Spring (usually mid-March).  

While hibernating this weekend I tested out a 1970s butterfly doily pattern in white and then again in color (to try out color changes).  Once I buy some pastel colors I will make about 10 of these to donate to a friend's charity event next month.  The wingspan is the length of my hand and the plan is to "stiffen" them (already tested with white one) and stitch them to headbands or hairclips for dancers to wear in their hair. 


  1. May we put in orders with color preferences?

  2. Wow, those are cool!! I hope you enjoyed your alone time.